Typically, the purchase of a magnetic or vacuum lifting device comes to the fore as production facilities begin to streamline their operations and production. Once “easy” means, such as cleanliness, order and reorganization have been used, one begins to think about production bottlenecks and how to eliminate them.

In slightly larger production facilities, crane capacity easily becomes an element that slows down production. On one hand, because there are typically too few roof cranes, they are reserved elsewhere, and the simultaneous need would be elsewhere. On other hand, because the lifting operation at least binds the crane operator to the task and often yet another person who instructs the crane operator and helps to tie the load.

Investing to proper lifting device (I will be returning to device types in later articles) solves both above problems. Using a right lifting device, attaching the part to the lift is an easy task for the crane operator, typically at the push of a button on the control device. In this way, crane operator also avoids the time-consuming attachment of chains or slings in potentially awkward positions and at the risk of work safety. Also for safety reasons, lowering the load to the desired location is done by pressing two buttons thus eliminating accidental dropping of the load.

When there can be dozens of repetitions for lifting and lowering objects during a single working day, and when a two-man operation of a few minutes becomes an operation of one man of a few seconds, it is clear that time is saved, capacity is freed up, and efficiency is increased. And, at least as important, work ergonomics and thus work safety also increase. These are things that no company should ignore.

At Skanveir, we have been solving customer lifting problems for over 40 years. We are confident that we can find such a solution to Your needs so that the payback period for the lifting equipment investment is reasonable and on top of that You get satisfied and motivated employees.

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