Vacuum lifting improves productivity through faster handling of work pieces and better utilization of machine time. Time-wasting and risky lifting with chains, slings or mechanical grippers is eliminated. Lifting is safe and ergonomic for the crane operator. Gentle gripping with vacuum pads does not damage, scratch or deform the product.

We manufacture a large range of quality vacuum lifters, standard and tailored, for loads from 50kgs up to 30 000kgs. Our vacuum lifters make lifting, transporting and handling of loads easy and fast. Heavy plates, sheets, balks, tanks, sandwich panels, coated plywood, stone slabs, concrete beams. They all are handled safely and easily by a single person.

A unique control system monitors the functioning of the lifter, sending an alarm signal in an emergency; for ex. due to insufficient grip leading to a leak. The LCD screen of the control box displays also other warnings and reminders of maintenance. Additionally, the control system stops and starts the vacuum pump automatically when necessary, thus saving energy and extending the pump life.

We have over 40 years of experience in lifting technologies, both magnetic and suction technic. Our customers are mostly found in metal working companies, steel service centers, shipyards, element factories and sawmills. Because steel mill processes require multiple heavy lifting operations, our vacuum lifters are designed for heavy-duty industrial use in demanding conditions. Durability of structures and components, protection, and ease of maintenance are always priority in the design.

We comply with the requirements of European safety standard EN13155 (Cranes. Safety. Non-fixed load lifting attachments).

So if You are interested in hearing more about our vacuum lifters, don’t be afraid to cxontact us! We will be pleased to answer all your questions.