What do you think? Who knows best, what is needed when handling heavy plates in rough conditions?

Listening the voice of the customer has always been a genuine part of Skanveir’s DNA. Customers have unique needs for their production needs and we at Skanveir are used to listen what our customers want.

Hassle free installation and commissioning is on the top of list in every company. Everyone ever participated for commissioning something where many companies and many interfaces are involved, knows the pain. Language barrier, small misunderstandings in interaction or misunderstandings of technical details can generate lot of extra work.

So, we rethought the easy magnetic lifter, result is named Skanveir Integra. What is then special with Skanveir Integra?

Simple installation and commissioning

Sophisticated and advanced use of electromagnets needs control cabinet, which is normally installed on roof crane, together with back-up battery pack to secure safe use in potential power interuptions.

Traditional way:

magnetic lifters for plate handling traditionel way

New Skanveir Integra way:

magnetic lifters for plate handling new skanveir integra way

What is new? We integrated the magnet control cabinet and back-up battery pack to the beam of the magnetic lifter. That means, no integration with crane manufacturer is needed.

Just hang Skanveir Integra to the crane hook and connect a 3-phase standard electric plug. THAT’S ALL!

Skanveir Integra can be easily unhooked, freeing up the crane for other lifting operations, if needed.

Fast, easy and 100% hassle free!

Skanveir Integra -series is available with rectangular and round magnets:

  • IntegraQ (with rectangular magnets)
    • For plate handling
  • IntegraR (with round magnets)
    • For plate handling and for small cut pieces

Load handling capacity from 1 to 50tons, according to your needs.

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