Do you handle steel scrap?

Do you want help with the demolition of buildings?

Problems with handling heavy steel structures?

Skanveir is now launching a new product line to address the challenges; Skanveir RecycleR

  • Easily increase productivity with Skanveir RecycleR scrap magnets
  • Very effective
  • Really durable and long lasting, suitable for harsh conditions
  • Quick and simple to use

Skanveir RecycleR scrap magnets are designed for efficient handling of recycled steel in harsh conditions and are perhaps the most efficient on the market in their size range. RecycleR scrap magnets are suitable for e.g. the handling of demolition rebars, steel billets, demolition yard steel scrap and steel pellets. RecyclerR scrap magnets can be used in both bridge cranes and mobile devices, e.g. excavators.

Magnet tear-off forces from 6 tons (750mm diameter). Standard models additionally available 12 tons (950mm diameter) and 21 tons (1250mm diameter). Larger sizes available on request.

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Download brochure: RecycleR Scrap Magnet data sheet 2021-09-09