NEW RecycleR Scrap Magnets

Skanveir RecycleR scrap magnets are designed for efficient handling of recycled steel in harsh conditions and are perhaps the most efficient on the market in their size range.
RecycleR scrap magnets are suitable for e.g. the handling of demolition rebars, steel billets, demolition yard steel scrap and steel pellets. RecyclerR scrap magnets can be used in both bridge cranes and mobile devices, e.g. excavators.

Technical data

Type Tear-off force (* Air gap D/300 Operating temperature ED/10min Power Voltage Current Weight Dimensions
  daN mm °C % kW Vdc A kg Ø D mm h1 mm h2 mm
RecycleR 750 6000 2,5 -20 – +100 75 3,0 220 14 380 750 225 ~ 1000
RecycleR 950 12 000 3,2 -20 – +100 75 5,6 220 25 650 950 235 ~ 1050
RecycleR 1250 21 000 4 -20 – +100 75 7,3 220 48 1320 1250 240 ~ 1100

*) Tear-off force with air gap D/300.
Measurements have been done with warm magnet (+ 80 °C), which is standard magnet temperature when operating. Tear-off forces with +25°C magnet temperature are 10 – 15% higher

Specifications subject to change without notice.

Other sizes of magnets available on request, ask for details.


Contact our international sales team for more information.

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