The first thought in the production facilities of Miilux’s steel service center is a surprise. The big halls are full of heavy plates, big machines and semi-finished products and yet everything is clean and in order. Everything is in place, passageways and workstations are clearly marked and raw materials clearly flow through manufacturing toward shipment. Clarity and cleanliness lay the foundation for safety and at the same time for efficiency.

Another thought: admiration. There are paintings on the walls of the production facilities that have been made by local schoolchildren. At the same time as recreation has been brought into the work environment, schoolchildren and students have been able to get acquainted with real working life and see how large steel plates are moved and bent, how they are cut and welded, e.g. huge excavator buckets for the mining industry. It’s great for young people to get to see modern manufacturing that doesn’t match the old image of smoky and sooty workshops.

The production of high-quality consumer steel products requires a lot of know-how and knowledge. Every work step requires big machines and skilled workers. With Miilux, all the pieces are so heavy that every step of the work requires lifting aids. Particular emphasis will be placed on the speed, safety and automation of the phases. Skanveir’s magnetic lifters are trusted by Miilux in many stages, in addition to the numerous Raahe lifters, they are also in use at the factory in Turkey.

I go out of breath. That comes as a third thought. And why? Ilkka Viinikangas continues our tour of the factory area and talks about new investments one after another. Many companies float in stagnant water during the Corona period, same time Miilux invests in developing and making something new, and business continues to grow strongly. Ilkka speaks about replacement investments, automations, new lines and productions methods. We see the foundations of new machines and constant changes and construction work in the halls. Phew…

As a final thought from Miilux I sense an enthusiasm and spirit of happening. In addition to Ilkka, we meet Pekka Miilukangas, Harri Lukkarila, Miia Lahti and Atacan Ergin. Everyone is excited about the company, customers, products and continuous improvement. There is a need to manage new investments, implement interesting projects, improve production stages and serve customers. No problems, just interesting challenges. And clearly things are not left to the degree of speaking, but the action is taken immediately. The growth is clearly not a coincidence.

We are extremely proud and humble to be able to work with an absolute forerunner in this industry and strive together to continuously develop more efficient and safer lifting.

As Miilux says, no one is born strong, but can grow as strong one.