Electromagnets offer superior lifting capacity compared to permanent magnets or electrically controlled permanent magnets. An electromagnet creates a strong and deep magnetic field that carries over even a large air gap. Other good features include low unladen weight, infinitely adjustable lifting force and quick release due to demagnetization.

The safe use of the magnetic lifters is primarily guaranteed by the correct number, dimensioning and placement of the magnets. A sufficient number of correctly placed magnets ensures that even the deflection of a thin plate and the resulting peeling phenomenon do not lead to the plate falling. In the event of a power failure, the power supply is ensured by a spare battery.

Our basic range of magnetic lifters is complemented by lifting booms, motorized turns of magnets and/or booms, and motorized telescopic boom extensions, that allow operation even in tight spaces or between stacks of plates. A DC supply system with versatile features with safety equipment and spare batteries is always included in our deliveries. The magnet control system is a compact unit in which the transformer and battery charger are also housed inside the electrical cabinet. The control system is very well protected against disturbances that could cause the system to fail and the load to fall. All components are dimensioned to withstand continuous use. If needed, the apparatus may be equipped with heaters for year-round outdoor use.

The gripping force at partial power can be adjusted in several different stages. This speeds up the lifting of part loads or a single plate. The stepless weakening of the magnetic field, i.e. the drip function, causes the extra plates to fall to the lifting point. Load removal is done quickly by demagnetization.

Skanveir’s high-quality electromagnets are used to lift thin and thick steel plates and burn sections, as well as to handle beams, pipes and round steel. Electromagnets with different wattages, round or rectangular, are always selected according to the application. The rectangular lifting magnets of the MS series are best suited for lifting blanks, steel plates and flame sections. The MP series round lifting magnets are suitable for use in magnetic lifting booms for lifting steel plates and burn sections.

We deliver reliable, safe and standards-compliant solutions on time, whether it is a standard device, a customized product or a special solution.

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